Our Story

Premium Renewable Energy Sdn. Bhd. (PRE) was formed in 2007 with the objective of affecting positive environmental change at a global scale by playing an active part in the Malaysian green energy industry. The company feels that it is imperative to address societyís over-reliance on traditional fossil fuels, as well as the increasing effect of our carbon footprint on the environment. Driven by this overarching principle, PRE actively seeks to identify clean, green energy solutions as alternatives to the unsustainable methods of power generation prevalent today.

An exciting opportunity emerged in November 2008, as PRE signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Ensyn Corporation of Canada, granting PRE the exclusive right to use Ensyn Corporation's RTP™ pyrolysis technology in Malaysia and Indonesia. RTP™ is a self-powering process in which biomass is introduced into a vessel, rapidly heated and then immediately cooled within seconds. The process generates a high yield of pourable, liquid bio-oil: RTP™ Green Fuel. RTP™ Green Fuel is a ready, like-for-like substitute for traditional fuel oils, and has huge potential as a source for power generation, heat generation, and transportation fuels.

The Southeast Asia region is blessed with abundant natural resources that form the basis of PRE's strategy: to convert biomass residue discarded from palm oil and forestry industries into a clean-burning liquid fuel that can displace fossil fuels. This includes oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFBs), oil palm fronds, wood chips, and sawdust.

Via a mutually beneficial cooperative model, PRE is exploring partnerships with oil palm and timber growers that share our vision of zero-waste integration. Environmentally responsible industry stakeholders like FELDA, Sime Darby Plantation, Sawit Kinabalu, and Sabah Softwoods Berhad will provide critical support by supplying investment, conversion feedstock, and land for plant construction. Their collective local expertise within their respective industries will also be an invaluable asset to potential ventures.

Sahabat Renewable Fuel Ventures (SRFV), a PRE joint venture with Felda Palm Industries established in 2011, will spearhead the introduction of the RTP™ Green Fuel energy solution in Malaysia. Following its designation as a key component of Entry Point Project 7 (EPP7 - Commercialising 2nd Generation Biofuels) in the Palm Oil National Key Economic Area (NKEA) of Malaysia's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), SRFV is in the process of constructing the nation's first RTP™ Green Fuel conversion facility.

Ensyn Corporation, working together with fuel facility experts Honeywell(via Envergent Technologies) will provide comprehensive support on the technology side of the SRFV project, and all PRE projects to come.

Within this organic structure formed between Technology Partners, Investment Partners, and Feedstock Providers, PRE seeks to unify the diverse strengths of each stakeholder to provide consumers with a complete energy solution that is renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.