RTP™ Green Fuel is a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels

RTP™ Green Fuel is the product of Rapid Thermal Process™: a conversion of renewable biomass into liquid fuel by application of instantaneous heat (pyrolysis). RTP™ Green Fuel is a pourable, storable, and transportable dark brown liquid fuel that has huge potential as a source for power generation, heat generation, and as transportation fuels. Our product successfully mitigates the two major drawbacks of fossil fuels: RTP™ Green Fuel emits drastically reduced amounts of greenhouse gases over its life cycle, and can be supplied to consumers at prices that are stable and secure in the long term.   

Its most basic application today is as an energy source to generate heat or electricity by firing in industrial boilers, combustion in diesel engines and co-firing in power plants. Our product can economically replace Heavy Fuel Oil, Medium Fuel Oil, Natural gas, and/or coal, in either co-fired or sole fuel configuration.

By 2014, RTP™ Green Fuel will also be upgradeable to drop-in fuel status to directly displace gasoline, diesel, or even aviation fuel. The technology for converting the basic product to transportation fuels is currently in commercial-scale development by Premium Renewable Energy technology partners and is rapidly approaching availability. When this upgrade technology comes online, RTP™ Green Fuel will be able to have significantly larger collective environmental and economic impact.