The Bio-Oil Energy Solution

Bio-oil promises to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to society’s dependence on fuels as it has huge potential as a source for power generation, heat generation, and transportation fuels. It can currently be used for generating electricity by co-firing with coal in power plants, for firing boilers, for combustion in diesel engines, and will be upgradable to drop-in transportation fuel by 2014.

RTP™ bio-oil can economically replace Heavy Fuel Oils in industrial boilers or furnaces, in either co-fired or sole fuel configuration.  As a renewable energy product, it is economical without subsidy at today’s fossil fuel prices.

Furthermore, bio-oil can soon be further processed to become green gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. The technology for converting bio-oil to transportation fuels is currently in commercial-scale development and will be available in 2013. In discussions with various major oil and gas companies, our partner Ensyn has determined that these companies would only choose a renewable solution that would allow them to preserve their two very significant strategic advantages: namely, their existing worldwide infrastructure and their huge operational scale. While other first-generation renewable fuel solutions would either not utilize the companies’ infrastructural investments or not allow them to operate at a profitably large scale, RTP™ derived bio-oil can do both.